Why Choose Us?


*Anti-bacterial up to 99% in 30 seconds


*High Absorption up to 45 times


 *Ultra soft cotton layer & breathable bottom layer


*Herb based cooling mint Effect - remove unpleasant odour


About Us

We, KARESOL Sdn Bhd is the sole distributor in Malaysia set up in the Year 2016, December for the products “ICON” on sanitary pad.

“ICON” products which originated from Taiwan has been a success since year 2007. 

These products mainly focused on sanitary pads for women during their monthly period. The unique features of these sanitary towels that distinguished them from other brands lies solely on their herb-based pads. 

These pads have been proven through test by a well known third party certification , SGS in Taiwan that the product is able to suppress 99% bacteria and germs within 30 seconds. 

Moreover, another distinctive features of the pads is that it provides a cooling feel comfort due to the herbs embedded inside the pads.

Our intention is to bring in these products in order for the women in Malaysia to have the opportunity in terms of varieties on sanitary pads selection.


KARESOL SDN BHD 是爱康在马来西亚的总代理,成立于2016年12月。


成立后的几年里 好口碑与美好的使用感受


爱康卫生棉的独特之处 便是爱康所研发的凉感草本配方

淡淡的草本香味 薄荷的清凉 強效的抑菌功能 以及超透气底膜